Debunking Jim Bennett CES Letter Reply

Where's the Epilogue?


Ever notice and wonder why Jim removed and omitted the very important and relevant "Epilogue" section of the CES Letter? I sure did.

After having gone through Jim's entire document with a fine-tooth comb, I can clearly see why 2018 Jim removed and omitted this very important section from his readers' awareness.

It contains direct links to:

Here's a screenshot of the entire Epilogue page that Jim's readers miss out on:

2018 Jim learned well from his religion as he has deliberately designed his document to conceal and obscure very pertinent and relevant information that debunks many of Jim's direct attacks, defamations, falsehoods and smears against me and the CES Letter. Removing the Epilogue page is an important part of this concealment campaign.

If Jim's readers had access to this page and its links, they would find direct rebuttals and debunkings to Jim's apologetics in each section of the CES Letter. They would find direct rebuttals and debunkings to Jim's personal attacks and smears against me and my integrity in the Common Attacks Against CES Letter and Jeremy Runnells page.

What's maddeningly hilarious is that I've already responded to and debunked - close to a damn decade ago in 2013 - so many of the same apologetic claims, arguments and attacks that Jim makes in his "Reply" with my line-by-line Debunking FairMormon work; before Jim even knew what the CES Letter was and before he even started typing a letter of his document. And yet, 2018 Jim presents his bullshit to his readers as if I had never heard of his arguments and apologetics or ever responded to them when he knows that I did exactly just this with my Debunking FairMormon - which he never mentions or shares with his readers. It's not just deceptive - it's dishonest.

A common bullshit theme and modus operandi of 2018 Jim's in his dishonest document is his ad hominems that "jErEmY dIdN't rEaD tHe sOuRcE" and yet I've demonstrated that I've not only read the sources but I've debunked the same apologetics that Jim is presenting and attacking me with in my Debunking FairMormon, which as mentioned, 2018 Jim is silent on and doesn't disclose or share with his readers. It's beyond infuriating to me.

2018 Jim was never interested in transparency and truth with his readers nor was he interested in being fair to me in his Jim Bennett Mormonism® Manifesto smear hit piece.

There was no transparency or fairness because 2018 Jim designed and engineered his document for one purpose and one purpose only: to dishonestly smear and defame Jeremy Runnells and his integrity in his desperate attempts to undermine and discredit the CES Letter.

As demonstrated in my entire debunking of Jim's document? He failed. He failed miserably.

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