This is a page that I wish existed years ago during my own discovery of the LDS Church's truth crisis. Side note: I personally don't like to use "faith crisis" because it implies that the problem is with the individual and not with the institution - which is exactly the case with the LDS Church. However, I also understand the utility of the two words in effectively conveying a complex concept.

You will find links to content, websites, books, podcasts, YouTube channels, therapists/coaches and groups that will make your journey and research so much easier. Look at these resources as "soft landings" that will help you get through and out of the Church's truth crisis intact. Take advantage of them as they're designed by those before you who paved the way for those who followed.

is the best year ever to have a discovery of the LDS Church's truth crisis. I don't say this to be flippant but rather to convey the point that you now have the gift of so many truly amazing and effective resources to navigate this journey because of the hard work and determination of so many amazing people who felt there had to be a better way and they went out there and created it.

John Dehlin with Mormon Stories and Mormon Faith Crisis said this:

A Mormon faith crisis can actually be one of the greatest gifts of your lifetime.

I agree 100%.

Embrace this gift and allow it to unfold and you will find a life of truth, authenticity, exploration, adventure and freedom.

The freedom to think for yourself and to be who you truly are is - as Joseph Campbell wrote - the privilege of a lifetime.

Backfire Effect

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Mormon Stories

Mormon Faith Crisis

Mormon Essays

CES Letter

Jeremy's Debunkings


LDS Discussions

Mormon Stories Truth Claims

A Careful Examination

Letter for My Wife

Year of Polygamy

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Street Epistemology

Letter to My Child


Truth Claims / History

Relationships / Family

Start Here

Post Mormon Coaching created an excellent list of podcasts, short videos, articles, books, groups and other resources focusing on the topic of LDS mixed-faith marriages:

Resources for LDS Mixed-Faith Marriages

Deprogramming / Wisdom


Podcasts & YouTube




Therapists / Coaches


Navigating a Religious Transition // THRIVE Retreat 2019

Invaluable Gift

John Dehlin and Mormon Faith Crisis have very generously offered - for free - a fully recorded weekend Faith Crisis Retreat from start to finish (2.5 days of content!), which can be viewed entirely here:

Faith Crisis Retreat

The Gift of a Mormon Faith Crisis // John Dehlin

The Examined Life: Restoring Your Own Power and Liberty // Jeremy Runnells

Mormonism and Me // Poem by Tanner Gilliland

What is your Polygamy? // Lance Allred

The Power of Vulnerability // Brené Brown

Anatomy of Trust // Brené Brown

How to “Brave the Wilderness” & Find True Belonging // Brené Brown

Listening to Shame // Brené Brown

On Being Wrong // Kathryn Schulz

Why you think you're right...even if you're wrong // Julia Galef

Follow No One, Trust Yourself // Nietzsche

"What if you're wrong?" // Richard Dawkins

Scientific Method - It Works // Richard Dawkins

Why I left an evangelical cult // Dawn Smith

What cults tell us about ourselves // Amber Scorah Scorah

50 Problems with the Mormon Church

50 More Problems With The Mormon Church


Midnight // Excommunication album by Tyler Glenn

Awake My Soul Cover // Zelph on the Shelf

I Am Already Enough // Fearless Soul

Rabbit Hole // Mindy Gledhill

Just Breathe // Pearl Jam

Imagine // Boyce Avenue

Everybody Hurts // R.E.M.

Be Still // The Killers live

Stand By Me // Skylar Grey

Freedom // Angela Soffe

Wildflowers // Tom Petty

Eternal Flame // Audiomachine

I Believe // Book of Mormon Musical

Tyler Glenn TED Talk

Nobody Knows // The Lumineers

Movies & Shows

The Matrix

The Truman Show


The Village





The Big Short


Boy Erased

Wild Wild Country

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Under the Banner of Heaven

Mormon No More

Prophet's Prey

Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil

Sons of Perdition

Sins of Our Mother

Big Love

Going Clear


Scientology and the Aftermath


The Path

The Invention of Lying