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Debunking Sarah Allen

Debunking Sarah Allen's and FAIR's
The CES Letter Rebuttal Series Smear Campaign


Part 1:
Dishonest Origins of CES Letter

Part 2:
Manipulation Techniques of CES Letter

Part 3 & Beyond

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Done with Deceptive Sarah

I'm done with amateur greenie apologist Sarah Allen. I'm just done.

Deceptive Sarah has demonstrated that she is not willing to be fair, honest and transparent. I can't take her seriously because she clearly does not understand what she's criticizing or defending nor is she willing to treat this as a real debate. She just wants to hide in her LDS subreddit and FAIR echo chambers and ignore anything that contradicts her deceptive claims. All she does is plagiarize other apologists' work while twisting, distorting, omitting and obfuscating shit in unreal deceptive ways. Incessant ad hominems (or "hominum" if you're going to misspell it like our expert amateur apologist Sarah does). She does this constantly. I clearly and unequivocally demonstrate all of this in Part 1 and Part 2 of the The CES Letter Rebuttal / Sarah Allen / FAIR debunkings.

Sarah Allen has demonstrated that truth, fairness, honesty and transparency are not values that she holds nor are they foundational values for her series smear campaign. Sarah Allen has lost her way and has forfeited her integrity, honor and decency in trying to defend the indefensible.

After looking over the rest of Sarah's series smear campaign on Reddit that she is using for her weekly FAIR blog posts, it is obvious to me that Sarah just plagiarizes other apologetic attacks. In fact, she lists Jim Bennett as the first name as a source that she refers people to in her /lds Reddit echo chamber as a resource. It's also obvious that she blatantly copies from Jim Bennett and his work for her entire series smear campaign.

Jeremy's line-by-line debunking of rest of issues:

So, let's skip Deceptive Sarah's lies, distortions and Jim Bennett plagiarism by going directly to Jim Bennett's work and my line-by-line debunking of his work instead:

Deceptive Sarah also copies from FAIR and Brian Hales. Let's skip Deceptive Sarah's lies, distortions and FAIR / Brian Hales plagiarism by going directly to my line-by-line debunkings of FAIR and Brian Hales instead:

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You can see the rest of my Debunkings, which I am continually adding as we speak and will continue to add in the future:

I'm sorry but I just can't stand seeing Deceptive Sarah's face, ad hominems, lies and smears anymore. I'm so repulsed by her. She has demonstrated that she is not a person of integrity, empathy, fairness or kindness. In Sarah's universe, the end justifies the means. Deceptive Sarah doesn't play fair. She lies so much that to engage with her series smear campaign is to be distracted from the LDS Church's truth crisis. This is done by design.

I care about effectiveness. I want my readers to focus on the LDS Church's truth crisis. This is what they care about. Who cares about Jeremy Runnells? Sarah is making this about me instead of focusing solely on the LDS Church's truth crisis and the actual issues, questions and arguments presented in the CES Letter.

You're wasting so much time and effort sorting through and detangling Deceptive Sarah's lies that there's no room left to actually research the LDS Church's truth crisis. After reviewing the rest of Sarah's series smear campaign on Reddit, it's clear to me that I would be doing my readers a disservice from their research in the LDS Church's truth crisis by taking them away from the direct sources amateur greenie apologist Sarah plagiarizes from and piggybacks on in her attempts to make a name for herself in Mormon apologetics.

I've defended my good name, integrity and character here while demonstrating conclusively that Deceptive Sarah does not play fair, honestly or credibly. Sarah Allen is not worth another millisecond of our precious time and energy and so I'm out.

See you all over in the Jim Bennett and FAIR line-by-line responses and debunkings.


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